Friday, July 15, 2011

Commission Status 7-15-11

I thought I would update you with a bit of news about me :)
Yesterday marked me as 33 weeks pregnant. I've been feeling some of the third trimester symptoms of roller coaster energy levels as well as dealing with the summer heat!

I will be finishing up the current commission that is in progress and everything else will have to be put on hold.

Our baby's room is starting to come together. I've made the crib bedding with lovely Kokka Echino Japanese fabrics...except for the fitted crib sheet.

I will update the shop from time to time, so be sure to check for mailing list announcements.

1. baby creamcheese Whitney (gmail/flickr) -finished 5 of 5, awaiting part II details

2. C. Shinn (gmail) finished 11 of 11, pictures posting

3. Lucy-Loves (flickr)
4. Rebecca (gmail)
5. Elfinhugs (flickr/gmail)

6. Carla Benham (flickr)
7. Sessizeller (flickr/gmail)
8. Aya22-Lati Love (flickr)
9. Simmi(flickr)
10. summomo (flickr)
11. -Anetta- (flickr/gmail)

12. Heather (flickr/gmail)
13. Lara (gmail)
14. Al (gmail)
15. Sabrina (gmail)

*completed * pending in progress * awaiting