Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our little Chloe has arrived! She was born right on her due date, September 1st at 10:08 A.M.
I had a natural unmedicated and quick birth with her. But I am still recovering and as per my midwife's advice I can't really sit or stand for long periods of time.. mostly bed rest.

I should be able to get things going again with commissions and re-opening my shop this early to mid October. Because I missed sewing and can't wait to create cute things for our dolls and my baby! :)

1. baby creamcheese Whitney (gmail/flickr) -finished
2. C. Shinn (gmail) finished 11 of 11,

3. Lucy-Loves (flickr)
4. Rebecca (gmail)
5. Elfinhugs (flickr/gmail)

6. Carla Benham (flickr)
7. Sessizeller (flickr/gmail)
8. Aya22-Lati Love (flickr)
9. Simmi(flickr)
10. summomo (flickr)
11. -Anetta- (flickr/gmail)

12. Heather (flickr/gmail)
13. Lara (gmail)
14. Al (gmail)
15. Sabrina (gmail)
16. Jess, Jessi.Bryan (flickr/gmail)

*completed * pending in progress * awaiting


Chiara said...

Congrats Jade. You both look so beautiful... Your smile is radiant!

Hugs to you and to Chloe (and hubby too)

Joyful Girl said...

Congrats on the little one!! (and also the natural birth) It's so worth it!

Rest and enjoy her!!